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Watch Beyoncé dance at Missy Elliott concert with sister Solange

What better way to celebrate a night out the town without her newborns by dancing backstage with her sister Solange during Missy Elliot’s FYF Fest performance in Los Angeles over the weekend ?

Missy announced Queen Bey was standing on the sidelines during her performance and reportedly said, ‘Hey Girl!’, before giving a shout-out to her other fellow musical contemporaries Solange, Katy Perry and Tyler the Creator.

Last Saturday, the ‘Lose Control’ rapper posted a photo of her as the jam between a delicious Beyoncé-Solange sandwich on her Instagram Stories feed, and captioned the snap: ‘Big [shout-out] to my good sis @saintrecords & my sis @beyonce they have always showed me love and supported me since day one! Over a decade. Love y’all!

During the concert, Beyoncé was also spotted cutting some shapes to Missy’s gig alongside Icelandic singer Björk, wearing round sunglasses and a mint-green jacket.

If only we had Beyoncé’s energy this week !

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