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Watch AKA and Kiddominant show off in the video for “Fela In Versace”

AKA just dropped the highly anticipated visuals for his “Fela In Versace” single off his latest album Touch My Blood.

Fela in Versace, Mandela in a ‘Rrari” raps South-African rapper AKA during his verse. “Fela In Versace” one of the most outstanding track had to be accompanied with a crazy music video. First because it references the great Fela Kuti and second because the fans expected something mind-blowing.

And we have to say, AKA, headliner at the first ever TRACE Fest, and Kiddominant don’t really disappoint in the Nate Thomas-directed video. AKA is seen waving the Nigerian flag, and most of the clip features well-dressed extras.

Check out the video above.

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