VIDEO OF THE DAY : Mayunga featuring Akon – Please Don’t Go Away

You were waiting for it for a while now, well, here it is. Mayunga, winner of the first edition of the Airtel TRACE Music Star competition has recently released his new video clip for his song “Please Don’t Go Away” featuring Akon.

Few times after his victory at the first edition of Airtel TRACE Music Star, the young Mayunga Nalimi from Tanzania has realized his dream and recorded a song with the superstar Akon, what a chance! In this four-minutes video clip, the singer deliver us images from his trip to the United States of America, where he could collaborate with his mentor. Once at his Hotel, once in the streets of Los Angeles, the first part of the video shows us in details Mayunga’s trip and his arrival to the City of Angels. And that’s in this City where Mayunga met a pretty woman.

It’s the beginning of a romantic story between both, perfect moment for the singer to tell her to not go away.

No more words, we let you enjoy the video above!

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