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Valerie Omari announces sophomore EP with lead single “If I Tried”

Johannesburg, Friday, 2 December 2022 –  The unspoken danger of bargaining to uphold a toxic relationship is a near-eternal starvation of softness, peace of mind, and freedom to love. Talented Singer/Songwriter known for her R&B and hip-hop-influenced sound, Valerie Omari, emerges from several lifetimes of romantic frustration, disappointment and the daunting process of letting go with her latest single “If I Tried (feat. The Rabbi Himself)”, distributed via Platoon.


Listen to “If I Tried” here: 


“If I Tried”, the lead single from her sophomore offering ‘Closure’, finds Valerie Omari and The Rabbi Himself delve into a classical “lovers quarrel” duet structure with a modern twist of disjointed communication. Through the delicate blend of frustration and nostalgia produced by Zino D, “If I Tried” brings to light the harrowing culture of lacklustre communication, emotional unavailability, friends policing relationships, and the preference for ghosting over closure, all of which makes it difficult for a disgruntled lover to acknowledge their unhappiness and equally suffocate their process of being released from a trauma bond.


“My latest single, “If I Tried”, was written during a time where I experienced the highs of me no longer wanting to deal with anything that did not align with where I was going,” shares Valerie Omari.


She adds: “I was able to captivate a time where I felt like I was carrying an entire relationship on my own, having completely separate goals compared to my partner, and eventually having the ability to let my partner at the time know that this was rapidly turning unhealthy, and I therefore needed to make the best decision and let go.”


Bold, assertive and pierced with a softness she forgot existed, Valerie Omari sheds a longing void by creating the closure she did not receive. Be sure to request “If I Tried” on your favourite radio stations and connect with Valerie Omari for more music news and details of her upcoming sophomore EP, “Closure”.

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