Usher released an interactive video opposing racism

A few days after celebrating his birthday with the presidential couple of the United States, Usher is back to seriousness, making a stance against racism in the USA.

These last few years, police racism has become a regular incident . To condemn those acts, Usher decided to create an interactive video that we can watch on Tidal. To watch this clip, called “Chains”, on Tidal, the internet user has to authorize access to his webcam, from this moment it will be impossible to look away from the screen or the video will stop immediately. The internet user will then be confront to shocking facts and poignant pictures concerning death of many innocents killed by the police under pretext that they could be a threat to others.

In the same category, Janelle Monae and her Wondaland released a song 2 months ago called “Hell you Talmbout” denouncing this violence. In the song they scream names of innocent people killed by police such as Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland and Freddie Gray among others.

In Usher’s video, it’s impossible to look away. Good initiative Usher!

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