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Toast prevails with his new single “The One”

Award-winning Hip-Hop artist, Toast prevails with his latest single, “The One”.

Malawian trending Hip-Hop artist and fast-rising star, Toast has finally come through with the latest release of his brand new single, “The One”. An excellent way to start off the year in a banger, amid the artist’s recent hiatus on the scene.

Coming in as the first official single of the year, “The One” follows up from Toast’s previous song “Flew Away”, which was released last year and served as Toast’s continuation of his musical journey and long-running in the game, while to the highlight in an exploration of developing new sounds, alternatively, Caribbean and Rap displaying his creative nature and versatility as an artist in an effort to stand out amongst the rest of the crowd.

Toast had since been leaving fans in dying aspiration of new music for several months now. The rapper stated that he was away in Kenya focusing on his studies and that the decision to release new music would come at the right time when he is ready. Without waiting any longer, Toast finally answered the message from his fans and decided it was time to put out a new song.
The rapper took to social media on Sunday (29th January) to tease a preview of his new upcoming song and asked fans to design an artwork for his new project and in return, the best one would get paid. Many came through but only a few came out on top to be selected, and it was LVCCI @msasujnr who delivered the best.
“I posted earlier that I wanted someone to do an artwork for me and we chose my guy LVCCI  @msasujnr thanks for taking your time to send me artworks unfortunately they can only be one we can use I contacted LVCCI personally and sent him a little something for his work I think it’s bout time everyone eats
Anyway Toast-The one drops on 1st of February (this Wednesday) see you then.. Bless ❤️🫡” – Toast wrote

Talking about his new project Toast described it as a ‘self-realization’ type of music. In the way of improving his worth and own image as a person and artist and not trying to be in competition with anyone else but himself and trying to progress further.

As he sings in the song:
“I feel like ain’t nobody but me owe me a better life / That’s why everything that I do I gatta do it right / I feel like ain’t nobody but me owe me a better life / Coz that’s the most important thing I had to say it twice…”
“It’s helped me better to understand myself as a musician. I feel like now I am more comfortable integrating Chichewa and English into one and making a good song”, Toast explained.
He added: “I needed to take time to concentrate on other things… Apart from music focusing on finishing my school, that’s why I feel like I took time a bit. But now I’m releasing it because I feel like a lot of people still need more sound and I can’t just go silent like that”.
Through his prowess Toast, real name Gomezgani Kambwiri has over time popularly grown to be recognized as one of the top “head-hitters” of the game. Well known for his playful delivery of rap skills and flows in both English and vernac Toast has shined through while keeping melodic in his bag in the efforts of carrying and pushing the Hip-Hop and urban industry forward.

Produced by Zap, mixed and mastered by ChuxTpat$ePlan this song will definitely be worth having on your playlist and will keep on buzzing for the rest of the year.

Check out “The One” by Toast:

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