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Solange turns the Guggenheim into a temple for black women

Solange knows that her album, A Seat at the Table, released last September, contains healing properties, specifically for the black women who hear it.

So on sunny  last Thursday she conducted a pair of ceremonial performances (for the slightly less-holy-sounding Red Bull Music Academy) at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City titled “An Ode To” a revelatory tribute to the complexities of black womanhood, in a space that does not typically celebrate such things.

From the upper reaches of the museum, she began by walking single file with a group of young black performers, spiraling down through the ornate, ramped galleries. Intermittently, trumpets and horns blared a lone, husky note. She silently moved pass Bjork, Thelma Golden, Glenn Ligon, Questlove, and her friend, Janelle Monae, toward an audience, resembling art world Orishas, dressed in all white, looking godly, without their cellphones, per her request. Wearing monochrome costumes designed by Telfar Clemens, she began with the sensual opening lines of “Rise:” “Fall in your waaaays so you can crumble/Fall in your waaaays, so you can sleep at niiight.”

This was the introduction of Solange Knowles, the artist.

Long before Solange embarked on her museum tour she was known for collaborating with contemporary black artists. In her debut performance on SNL, we saw our televisions transmit images of the 29-year-old Houston native, wearing a braided halo designed by the artist Shani Crowe.


Check out the pics above !

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