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Serge Ibaka gets the icon treatment in French singer Dadju’s new single “Mafuzzy Style”

In Dadju‘s “Mafuzzy Style“, NBA player Serge Ibaka is celebrated like the Congolese role-model that he is.

If you don’t live in France or francophone Africa, chances are you don’t know who Dadju is. One of the reason why you should fix this though is that is currently taking the French music industry by storm with the release of his first solo album Gentleman 2.0. From selling out concerts in France to being welcomed like a rockstar – he is certainly becoming one, during his tour in Africa, Dadju (whose brother is none other than Maitre Gims) is the new prince of a brand new Congolese rumba-infused R&B.

As a gift to his fans, he recently dropped the song “Mafuzzy Style”, a previously unreleased track produced by longtime collaborator Seysey that celebrates his friends and icon Serge Ibaka. The basketball player has teased the track on his Instagram page several weeks ago which was originally recorded for his birthday back in September.

The track starts with Dadju singing “In life, you always end up doing what you said you would. Just ask Serge Ibaka” as  a way to remind us how the Brazzaville native went from playing ball in the streets of Congo to being a power forward for the Toronto Raptors.

From the Congolese sapeurs featured in the video to the Sebene played by Cedric Lutumba at the end of the song, “Mafuzzy Style” is a great way to celebrate Congolese excellence around the world.

Check the video above !

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