Rihanna: Totally naked for BBHMM Video

If you still had doubts about it, Rihanna’s new video “Bitch Better Have My money” conspicuously confirms that she’s the baddest bitch in the industry. Throughout the 8 minutes length cinematic clip she showcases her acting skills. The bajan beauty went hard on this one and even co-directed the movie with Megaforce, she said

“Ya girl got director skillz!!! The concept for this piece came to me 8 months ago!!! So you can imagine how anxious I am right now!!!”

Rihanna in order to get her mula back plots revenge on a rich white lady who happens to be her accountant’s wife in the mini movie. She kidnapps her and puts naked her on the backseat of her car before driving through the desert with two of her female henchmen.

They then sail a ship, land to a motel where they get drunk and high before heading back to the lady’s home. Indeed, the real bitch in the story is rihanna’s accountant who’s been spending her money on strippers and booze. Riri then ties the man up, brandishes a knife and does the deed. The gangsta movie ends on Rihanna laying naked and covered with blood in the money-filled suitcase after having executed her devilish plan.

 Peep the gifs and the video below:

What are your thoughts about it?

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