Rick Ross will end the beef with 50 cent, but only on one condition

Rick Ross is more present than ever in Hip Hop these days – it looks like he never stop working. Fresh off its last opus “Black Dollar” released in September 2015, the rapper is cooking another project and its due to out next December, called “Black Market“.

Rick Ross, like every other rapper, is embroiled in beef with another artist – his main “rival” is 50 Cent. Recently invited to the “Nightly Show” animated by Larry Wilmore, Rozay found that his pride was being challenged.

Indeed, his challenge was a chance to put an end to racism if he patched things up with his enemy 50 Cent by “hanging out at the pool” with him “eating” with him, or even “skiing” with him, in other words they will have to be closer than possible. When you look at him, it doesn’t seem good for Rick Ross – anyway he reacts with smile by saying “Imma stop racism, I mean, if I gotta take him to Wing Stop to have some lemon pepper wings, that’s what I’m gonna do.”

Maybe a settlement is on the way…or not!


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