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Reniss is crazy in love in her new “Doudou” video

After spending 2017 touring Europe and Africa, Reniss is now back with a sweet sauce called « Doudou » from her latest EP Express Vol 1.

Great musical figure in Cameroon and Africa, Reniss is well known for mixing pop music and African beats. Ten months after the release of “Pillon” New Bell Music’ singer is back with the visuals of her new track “Doudou”.

Fresh and light-hearted, the videoclip, depicts Reniss and her boyfriend aka « Doudou » having beautiful & simple moments together…

Produced by Jovi Le Monstre, the song plays a soft but dancing afro beat and features Reniss singing in French, English and Nguemba dialect.

With her new song Reniss shows herself as a natural woman, filled with love and passion.

« Doudou » is definitely a magic potion you can drink as much as you like ! The song is available for streaming  and is played on Trace Africa

Check out “Doudou” above !

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