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Phonixthecool is back and this time he is taking the coldest walk in Africa . Having  introduced himself with his debut single ” No Stopping” , this West Coast influenced rapper has released another melodic single with his signature melodic flow alongside a head bumping beat.  The Durban native Lunga Khumalo affectionately known as Phonixthecool is the only South African rapper who nails the West Coast sound which has been advocated by legendary rappers the likes of Snoop Dogg and many other greats .

Speaking of Snoop Dogg , Phonixthecool has had the privilege of being handpicked by this legend to be part his 2021 offering called Algorithm Global edition . This has been a highlight of Phonixthecool’s career as the feature aided him to get international recognition .

Anyone who is a West Coast enthusiast would know of the “Crip walk “ , this is a dance consists of two steps, calculated head movements and most of the time a slight stop at the end . This dance has been this rapper’s signature as seen on most of his Tik Tok videos , little did we know that that’s how he cultivated his inspiration for “Coldest Walk In Africa”.

The west coast sound is associated with the dance “Crip walking” cause I listen to so much of that style music I’d always do the dance and people would always say I have the “Best walk in Africa” and that’s what inspired the song” said Phonixthecool

“Coldest Walk in Africa” embraces the true West Coast elements and soul of the sound , this offering is completed by the rapper/producer’s flow on lyrics . As this new offering drops , we are getting closer to hearing the full body of work from this exceptional artist set to release this year still .

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Instagram : @phonixthecool

Tik Tok :@phonixthecool1


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