P-Square features U.S rapper T.I. in Ejeajo

This new video “Ejeajo” is nothing but testament to that fact. Raising the bar a bit higher this time around, P-Square went all out to recruit one of the U.S’ hottest rappers and hitmaker, T.I.

With their 6th studio album set to drop in a jiffy, the magical duo overcame a family rift and subsequently released 3 singles off the upcoming album.

“Ejeajo” is a contemporary pop tune spiced with a sprinkle of Afrobeat and archetypical Michael Jackson dance steps even the late singer would be proud of.

Directed by the ever reliable Clarence Peters and elder brother to the duo, Jude ‘Engees’ Okoye, the video does absolute justice to the song itself. If you’re a fan of electric pop and quick dance steps, you’ll definitely love this one.

Watch and Enjoy!

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