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Did Nicki Minaj just diss Cardi B over Queen Bey?

Did Nicki Minaj Diss Cardi B Over Beyoncé?

As previously reported Cardi melted the internet after a picture surfaced of her kicking it with Beyoncé at Budweiser’s Made In America festival.

Shortly thereafter Nicki Minaj posted a video of herself promoting her verse on London On Da Track’s “No Flag” that has lyrics about someone being an imitation and only rap’s princess compared to her status as queen.

“Lil b*** I heard the labels trying to make another me, everything you getting lil hoe is cuz of me,” raps Nicki. “I ain’t f**** with you sis, we ain’t with that incest. Yes, I am Queen, I’m trying to find the princess.”

And while some folks took it as just another Nicki Minaj song, others thought that it was a clear diss to Cardi B. Sounds like people are STILL trying to pit these two against each other. Just last week Nicki outright denied that “No Flag” contained a Cardi diss, even though it starts with “Lil b***” just like “Bodak Yellow.” The title of Cardi B, song.

Nicki dropping that video right after Cardi kicked it with her buddy Bey … could this be a coincidence?

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