Nicki Minaj released two highly anticipated new songs last night, “Barbie Tingz” and “Chun-Li”.

Nicki has been very quite these few months. It’s been almost a year since Nicki released “No Frauds.” In 2017 she only did features for her rap counterparts. She took a five months hiatus from the public eye and social media. During these months it looks like Nicki was working on new material – possibly a new album?


Nicki teased a music video for Barbie Tings. Watch below:

There has been lots of rumours suggesting that Nicki was delaying her music in support of Cardi’s Invasion of Privacy. People have pitted Nicki and Cardi  against each other for months now. Both ladies are great. Nicki spoke to Zane Lowe at Beats 1 where she cleared rumours surrounding her relationship with Cardi. The “Careful” rapper, Cardi , told Ebro that the Beef between herself and Nicki was “internet made” and she has mad love for Nicki.

Nicki Minaj gets emotional talking about Cardi B

Nicki’s full interview is on Apple Music.

In the interview Nicki cleared the reason she and Cardi were not in the “Motorsport” video together.  Nicki told Zane she was “hurt” by comments Cardi made after “Motorsport” was released. Cardi B had said that Nicki’s verse had changed on the final version of the song.

Here same of the things we learnt in Nicki’s interview with Zane:

  1. The social-media hiatus was to focus on her upcoming studio album. Nicki told Zane, “I needed to focus … I wanted to make sure I was writing something that was meaningful … that would captivate my audience … I took all forms of social media off my phone, and it actually was the most genius decision I ever made.” She adds that, “This is the best album I’ve ever in my life ever ever ever created”
  2. Nicki has been working on her new album since December 2017 and you can expect a documentary of the process. 
  3. Nicki tried to intervene during the Drake/Meek beef. The rapper found herself in the middle of Young Money labelmate, Drake’s, and former boo, Meek Mill’s, beef in 2015. She says,”I was behind the scenes wishing it never happened.”
  4. Nicki is interested in signing new artists and producers to her label. She said, “I’m signing producers and artists, by the way. So if you’re an artist out there, or producer out there and you’re looking for a home… Ask around, you guys. Or tweet me.”

We so happy to see Nicki doing what she does best!!

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