Nick Jonas gets locked up in “Chains”

Nick Jonas really shows some growth in the video for his song “Chains”. The 21-year-old singer explained the concept of the song:“It’s definitely a progression for me,I really wanted to push myself, work with some people that would help me grow and, you know, I kind of came to a place where I said, look, I’ve already had a full career at the age of 21-years-old and I get to start over and this is really cool and really approach it as a new artist. The story behind ‘Chains’ is basically that feeling that all people can relate to, its being trapped. For me specifically in this song, I connected to love and trust and for some people they have said its broader for them, its more than love, it can be about anything that entangles you in your life and doesn’t let you do what you need to do to feel free.”

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