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Meet Koffee, Jamaica’s latest rising star

18-year-old Jamaican artist Koffee just released her first music video “Toast” and we are already conquered.

Typical Jamaican rhythms have been heard all over worldwide music these past few years and we’re happy to finally see artists from the island take over. At least, this is what we hope will happen with 18-year-old Koffee, a young singer who just released her first official single and music video “Toast”.

On the track, Koffee reflects on her early career and how she used to dream of being a singer. Produced by Major Lazer’s Walshy Fire, “Toast” has this youthful energy and contagious vibe that will undoubtedly get you hooked. Right now, Koffee is gaining live experience, touring Europe with well-respected Chronixx. Her EP Rapture will be out in 2019 on Columbia records. We’ll definitely keep an eye on her.

Check the video above !

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