Meek Mill threatens a Drake fan

This year, Meek Mill was headlining the Fool’s Gold Day Off festival in Brooklyn, and the MMG rapper definitely showed that he doesn’t play, especially when it involves his newest rival Drake.

Indeed, during Meek’s show, a fan decided to hold up a Drake poster and that drove Meek Mill crazy. Furious, Meek stopped the music and called out the fan:

“You’re holding a Drake sign during a Meek Mill show?


Ni une ni deux, Meek Mill appelle un de ses gros bras afin qu’il aille se poster en face du fan en question pour l’intimider :

« Je veux que tu reste à côté de lui toute la soirée. On va voir si il tient toujours ce truc. »

Then, Meek Mill send a guy from his entourage to stand right next to him in order to intimidate him.


The “I’m a boss” singer threatens the Drizzy fan by saying: “Put that Drake sign up again,”

But apparently it was not enough, as Meek Mill even tried to go into the crowd to confront the Drake fan but the security staff blocked him.

Remember, don’t bring a Drake sign to a Meek Mill show…

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