Lupe Fiasco wants to destroy albums with Lasers!


A lot of people, fans and critics alike, were disappointed by Lupe Fiasco’s third album “Lasers”.

Lupe Fiasco decided to response to the displeased fans and said to them to send him back the albums, which he will destroy with an actual laser.

He posted this message on Instagram:
“For all you people who really hated my 3rd album LASERS for whatever reason in the universe I want you to send it back to me so I can destroy it with an actual Laser,”…“You not getting any money back or an apology or anything like that. The fact still remains that a lot of people really loved LASERS (Me Included) despite the popular myth that it’s one of the worst rap albums ever but sometimes the myth can be stronger than the truth.”


What did you think of Lasers?!

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