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The Lowkeys Unleash Areye Papi: A New Amapiano Anthem Featuring Jelly Babie, Ocean Biller, Tskay, and Tshego Dee

[Pretoria, 9 February 2024] – The Lowkeys, the dynamic and multitalented amapiano powerhouse hailing from Pretoria, are set to conquer the Amapiano music scene once again with their latest release “Areye Papi”.
Known for pioneering some of the most iconic sounds in the amapiano genre, Big Zee and Q-unlimited, the small-town boys with big-time potential, are ready to make waves with this club-bumping ‘piano’ hit. “Areye Papi” captures the essence of what we love about Bacardi – a hypnotic bounce, rhythmic percussion, bold bass, and infectious energy that is bound to get the crowd moving.

The Lowkeys, with their unique blend of creativity, showcase their musical prowess once again, proving that they are only just getting started on their journey to becoming amapiano legends.

What sets “Areye Papi” apart is the collaboration with the talented Jelly Babie, whose dynamic and soothing vocals add a unique flavour to the track. In addition, the single features industry talents Ocean Biller, Tskay, and Tshego Dee, making it a star-studded ensemble that promises to set the stage on fire.

The Lowkeys have consistently pushed the boundaries of amapiano, and “Areye Papi” is no exception. The track is poised to be a 2024 anthem, blending the signature styles of The Lowkeys with the infectious energy of their collaborators. Fans can expect a musical journey that transcends boundaries and delivers an unforgettable experience on the dancefloor.

The release of “Areye Papi” marks a significant milestone for The Lowkeys, as they continue to evolve and shape the future of amapiano. The duo’s commitment to pushing the genre forward is evident in every beat, making this single a must-listen
or anyone looking to experience the pulse of contemporary South African music. “Areye Papi” is now available on all major streaming platforms.

Don’t miss the chance to witness The Lowkeys and their collaborators create magic with this latest amapiano masterpiece.

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