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Popular event and urban culture collective, With or Without You is excited to announce their first two-day music conference – AMAPIANO AFRICA SUMMIT

Lead by Thulani Maduse, With or Without You will bring its disruptive spirit to the music industry and spark key conversation with the first ever Amapiano Africa Summit!

Known in the entertainment circles for curating leading social gatherings such as Party in Tanzania; With or Without You has become the epicenter for growing the Amapiano genre alongside South African Hip Hop, Afro-Tech and Gqom music through its explosive nightlife experience.

Driven to push the urban culture forward with authentic experiences, With or Without You will celebrate the massive impact of Party in Tanzania and cultivate wholistic conversation around the trend setting and now globally recognized genre, Amapiano – which was heightened during South Africa’s COVID-19 Lockdown.

In partnership with South African Leading Public Television channel SABC 1; alongside copyright asset management society SAMRO; international recording label EMPIRE; youth radio station YFM; and international Afro broadcaster Drums Radio; Amapiano Africa Summit will not only host over 3500 delegates and fans for a celebration of the genre, but it will also host a music conference that will see established leading music industry executives, experts, musicians, producers, composers, and journalists all gather to unpack and discuss the current landscape of Amapiano under a variety of important areas.

Tackling key subjects, Amapiano Africa Summit will host panels presented by partners on 23 and 24 June 2023 at Zone 6 in Soweto.

Attending registered guests can attend and participate in discussions across these topics:

  • From Local Phenomenon to Global Success: Understanding the Genre’s Rise and Impact, The International Expansion of Amapiano and Exploring New Markets and Cultivating a Global Fanbase
  • Navigating Copyright and Intellectual Property in Amapiano: Protecting Artists’ Rights and Ensuring Fair Compensation
  • The Role of Media and Social Media in Amapiano: Exploiting the Digital Platforms for Promotion and Engagement, and Exploring the Synergy between Music and Style in Amapiano Fashion
  • The sounds of Amapiano, Techniques, Trends, and Innovation in the genre, and Identifying, Nurturing, and Launching the next Generation of artist.
  • Building a Sustainable Amapiano Ecosystem: Preserving the Essence for Longevity
  • Booking Agent vs. Manager: Understanding Roles, Responsibilities, and their Impact on Artists’ Careers
  • Building Strong Artist-Promoter Relationships: Collaboration, Communication, and Mutual Success
  • The Changing Landscape: Amapiano’s Impact on Radio – Hosted by SABC
  • Unlocking the Melodic Magic: Exploring SAMRO’s Impact on Amapiano’s Rise

Setting the stage on fire, the summit will showcase new untapped talent from developing artists and producers on 23 June; and host SA’s leading Amapiano artists on 24 June 2023 at the Party in Tanzania Stage presented by EMPIRE – the official Amapiano Africa Summit after party all at Zone 6.

In a short statement, Thulani Maduse had this to say about the Amapiano Africa Summit “The growth of Amapiano has been exponential and it’s time for us to prioritize our sound as we see more of the world take note. I’m excited that we get to discuss important topics around the genre to ensure we keep the essence of the music. It’s a shout out!”

Registration for the Amapiano Africa Summit is now open through webtickets – which will grant access to both the conference and the explosive after party.

Look out for key speakers, artist engagement and the Party in Tanzania Stage line up announcements.

Be sure to follow @thulani_way, @offiacialams_sa, @withorwithoutyou_africa, and @party_in_tanzania for more info and exciting updates.

Get ready to experience 50 musicians over 2 days at the Amapiano Africa Summit!


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