Keri Hilson is the 2016 ATMS ambassador and here are some of her best collaborations!

Miss Keri Baby is arguably one the most prominent figure of the Contemporary R&b genre and has relentlessly helped the genre gain much exposure in the mainstream media ever since her beginning in 2004. She is a real triple threat indeed she’s a singer/songwriter a composer and a producer as well. Her wide vocal range and writing skills won her many admirers and prompted a lot of fellow superstars to work with her such as Ciara, Mary J Blige or even Britney Spears. In addition to her musical work she’s raised awareness as regard numerous causes such as AIDS or education in underprivileged areas and has taken part in various charities. In 2016 she became the second edition Ambassador of Airtel TRACE Music Star (1st digital singing contest in Africa). On this special occasion TRACE decided to turn back the hands of time and look at Keri’s best collaborations!

1) This Track was released in 2009 and is deemed the the most popular of the songstress. For her first solo debut “In A Perfect World” she pulled out all the stops and came with the big guns since she collaborated with a list of illustrious artists such as Kanye West.  The track reached the number one spot of the Billboard R&b/hiphop chart.

2) This featuring with Nelly strangely sounds like Rihanna’s” Rude Boy”, indeed the producers StarGate were responsible for the Bajan beauty hit as well.

3) This song is arguably Keri’s masterpiece. ranked number 2 2 on the Billboard R&B/Hiphop chart, the minimalist track puts forward the richness of the songstress tone.

4) In 2007  this hit single took the world by storm ! “The way I are” off of Superproducer’s Timbaland album ” Shock value” topped the charts worldwide! And Keri’s sultry and sexy voice is no stranger to that success at all!

4) This club banger has indubitably found its way in the playlist of all the legit hip hop DJ’s ! On this dope Ryan Leslie beat, Keri’s hook enhances the whole track and utterly confirms her topliner skills.

5) This track share the same lineage of singles like: Nice and slow, Freek’n you, or even Your Body’s calling, well to put it in a nutshell, it’ a classic joint! Keri’s vocals are on point and she displays a little sexiness and sassiness in the video. She forms a dynamic duo with Chris Brown who wholeheartedly plays Miss Keri’s love interest in the video.

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