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Keri Hilson hints at new music on Snapchat

In a Snapchat video, Keri Hilson might be announcing her big comeback in the music world !
Fans have been waiting for six long years for a hit like “Pretty Girl Rock”, “Turnin Me On” or “Knock You Down” but they still haven’t see anything coming. And when they thought their idol was back  with a new album – because this past March a press release told them so – they were even more disillusioned after they learnt all of it was fabricated.
Yet Keri Hilson is slowly coming back to the music world, especially since she was named the mentor of Airtel TRACE Music Star 2016, the biggest contest which aims at spotting new music talents in Africa. Among other rewards, the winner will get to make a video with Keri Hilson. But for the moment the superstar keeps us waiting, especially after she recorded a snippet of a mysterious song – that could be hers – on Snapchat…
In these 10-second videos, you can hear her sing on an R&B beat but there’s also a masculine voice singing along with her. Could this be a featuring? Definitely…






This new song may well appear on Keri’s upcoming album entitled L.I.A.R (Love Is A Religion) – and we’re not lying. Indeed the singer has already announced she will release her third album but the official release date remains unknown. At least we know it will probably drop this year. Time to be patient!

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