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Kendrick Lamar gives a piece of advice to reach success in a short clip !

Well, it seems that Kendrick Lamar has it all, sucess, money, fame, love and recognition from his peers with no less than 11 grammy nominations. However, the Compton native wants to show his fans how hard he had to work in order to become the man he is.

In a new video that has been released by Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE) which is Kendrick label, the rapper gives a piece of advice to a young man in order to achieve his goals and have a successful life. According to the aforementioned the only key factor is hard work, dedication and resilience. We have to work hard in order to get what we want. In the short clip, Kendrick’s message is carried out in a very thorough and instructive way.

In the mini film, the rapper and the teenager play basketball, take a stroll down the street and even buy some ice creams and during each of this privileged moments Kendrick is hailed and praised by pssersby. The little boy reacts to the scenes by saying ” You’re famous man”, but kendrick answers with his cool attitude “No he just recognizes hard work you feel me?”.

In case you might see a little bit of self promotion here, it’s definitely not about that. Kendricks through this short video tries to bring awareness as regards the way the youth perceives and envisions success. He reminds them that before the glitts and glam, the fortune and fame there are years of commitment.

Peep the video below:

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