Kanye West reveals the tracklist for Swish


Kanye West is finally done with his album and he shared the good news on Twitter along with the tracklist for Swish !

After months of work, Kanye West is finally ready to release his seventh studio album, Swish. The rapper has been teasing about his new project for a few weeks now while still in the studio working on it. Back in December, he even took to Twitter to tell people he didn’t want to be disturbed while he was putting the final touches to Swish :

It was also revealed that the rapper was taking advice from his wife and his family-in-law regarding his music. Indeed, Kim Kardashian and her four sisters had to attend studio sessions and give their opinions about what they were hearing. And it looks like, Yeezy finally made up his mind about the tracks that would make the cut. The rap superstar posted a photo of a notepad featuring the Swish final tracklist on Twitter.

Recently released tracks “Real Friends” and “No More Parties in LA” will appear alongside unknown songs such as “Nina Chop” or “Father Strech My Hands”.

Apparently, Instagram star Kylie Jenner was in the studio when ‘Ye took the picture. And as you can see in the caption, Kanye West has already dubbed the project “the best album of all time”. Can’t hate a man with that much confidence !

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