Kanye West has released two new songs

Apparently, Kanye West knows how to make a comeback when you least expect it. The rapper released two new songs on his Soundcloud page yesterday.

After he announced his will to run for president in 2020, we learnt that Kanye isn’t just passionate about music and fashion, but also has a newfound love of politics. According to Buzzfeed Kanye is the first financial supporter of Hillary Clinton’s campaign alongside Matt Damon and Tom Hanks.

Yesterday, he shared two new songs via his Soundcloud page, included a cover of his hit song “Say You Will” from the album 808’s and Heartbreak, he then  give us a version of The Weeknd’s “Tell Your Friends” renamed as “When I See It.”

What is he preparing ? A mixtape ? An album ? Something is certain, Kanye won’t stop surprising us.

Click below to listen to his songs




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