Justin Bieber sent DM’s to fans reveal “What Do You Mean?” lyrics

When it comes to promoting his new single “What Do You Mean?” Justin Bieber takes the good old process by sliding into his 36 millions followers DM. Of course he didn’t send any nudes but instead of this every Belieber received a line of Biebs new single and a clock signifying the lyric order. Thanks to this clock fans have been asked to put together all the lyrics. A good way for them to know every line of the song by heart when their favorite singer will unveil it on August 28 on Ryan Seacrest radio show.

An hardcore fan already did it and put the lyrics on his Instagram account.

About the single Justin Bieber said we could expect something in the same spirit as his collaboration with Jack Ü on “Where Are U Now”. Let’s see that in a week.

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