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Breeze into Spring 2022 with fresh sounds and beats from Jozi’s most exciting new rapper – Tyler Linkman.

After more than a year in the studio perfecting and tweaking his offering, he finally drops his debut EP, Garden Flavours this Friday, 07 October 2022.


Young, honest and trusting in his flow has placed Tyler Linkman in the fortunate position of not having to compromise on his art or conform to industry dilution. Owning the genre and all the nuances that come with being a white, South African rapper has given him an authenticity that draws his peers and fans to him like a magnet.


With hit singles such as Over Me and more recently, Levitate, (feat. heavy-weight rapper Priddy Ugly), Tyler has stuck vehemently to his formula of hard-hitting, honest lyrics, combined with downtempo, chill-hop beats and excellent production.

The EP offers six fresh tracks, starting with the creamy flow of That Wall which weaves story-telling with popping beats. Then followed by OK which adds a nostalgic sentiment to the EP with pretty keys and backing lifting the track into a sing-along space. It then moves onto the hard-hitting Soprano Freestyle – pure-flow spitting that dispels any myth that Tyler isn’t top of his game. Once that message is firmly established, Marcus Harvey guests on Been A Minute, again with a chilled-hop flow with lyrics sending love to his ex. Dreaming feat. Mars Baby slaps back at posers putting labels and status first. The EP ends with the Priddy Ugly collab, Levitate which, as first single from the EP, brings the Tyler Linkman attitude to the foreground in an honest and no-holds-barred message.

The EP collectively shows Linkman’s growth as an artist since his earlier singles, adding dynamic layers that feel more in line with the real artiste behind the flow.

22 year old, SA-born and raised Tyler Linkman has been influenced by hip-hop and rap music his entire life. Sending years perfecting his flow, he is as comfortable with hard-spitting rhythms as he is with mumble rap and works all angles of the genre to perfect his vibe, depending on where he feels the song is moving. As an independent artist for a couple of years, his star began to shine until he was snapped up by his current record deal, one which puts him firmly in the space where creation and freedom allows for unrestricted lyrical boundaries.

Get ready to feel the flow with Garden Flavours.


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