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Jimmy Nevis opens Pandora’s Box on new album “Things We Don’t Talk About” – OUT NOW

“I almost never finished this album and today I’m so glad I did. It’s a beautiful reminder to myself of my purpose and talent as a creative on this earth. I hope that my fans take the time out to get to know me for who I am right now – I also hope that they enjoy the experience.”
Jimmy Nevis

Johannesburg, Friday, 27 January 2023 – Jimmy Nevis releases his much anticipated fourth studio album ‘Things We Don’t Talk About’ which is out across all digital platforms now.

We need to talk about who we really are and what defines us. What we tell the world and what we sweep under the carpet. We need to talk about the evolution of Jimmy Nevis.

Jimmy Nevis, acclaimed Pop and R&B star who had us dancing to his number-one hits Heartboxing, 7764, All About It, Balloon and Hey Jimmy is breaking the mould with a new 11-track album. Titled Things We Don’t Talk About, the project explores the intimate spaces of our minds, the taboo and the playful side of life, love and the quirky things in between.

Nevis takes his fans on a musical journey they’ve never experienced before where they will find confessions, secrets and playful concepts to set their imaginations free. It’s an updated version of the Jimmy Nevis we’ve grown to know and love.

“My work and my personal life have been so closely linked to each other and sometimes it’s easy to be so professionally focused, that you forget to update your personal life. There were a lot of personal updates over the last five years and I felt like I needed to update the music, to sync with who I am right now,” he explained.

Nevis’s new album Things We Don’t Talk About explores the meaning of identity, who we are as individuals, the boundaries society places around us, and the limits we place on ourselves. It’s a return to the singer-songwriter conceptual storytelling of Nevis and his life, a culmination of the past 10 years of an unforgettable music journey.

“Coming to the end of a decade of music and a decade of playing in certain spaces and doing certain things, the question is, how do I want to do this next decade? I don’t want to do the same thing I was always doing,” Nevis said. “I want to be more open. I want to share more. I’ve learnt so much. My sense of humour has just gotten better. I want to bring that in. I want to take advantage of the comfort that comes with age. I’m able to articulate a lot of ideas now better than I could before.”

Things We Don’t Talk About is Nevis’s fourth studio album and is a marker of his growth as an artist over the past 10 years. Sonically, the album draws on a wide range of influences including church, and 90s R&B and introduces a new live sound through live horns and bass.

Nevis wrote and produced most of the songs on this project, and it also sees him collaborate with some of the finest producers in the world right now, like Shaney Jay, Will Grands, He Produced It, Ameen Harron and Darren Peterson, among others. Other writers include Jenson Vaun and Sarabe, while singers Kaien Cruz and Hanna feature on the song Levels.

“There’s a lot of identity on the album. Whether it be about sexuality, my sense of humour, or my personality. The opening line to the album is slightly linked to my roots. Culturally, the album is very sound, it’s very bold, and it’s brutally honest and I really liked that. These are conversations I’ve always been having with friends. I was true to myself for the last 10 years, and that’s what I’m going to continue to do now. It’s not intentionally trying to be risque, or trying to be brutally honest, it’s just how I write, that’s how I think at the moment. I want to give my brain the freedom to do what it does creatively, and not feel confined to anything. Sonically, there are a lot more live instruments on here than I’ve ever had before, which is also an update of where I am.”

Nevis highlights a few of his favorite tracks from the album, saying “I love F.B.A., FIFA and Levels because I started writing these songs years ago – they’ve transformed with me over the years and finally they are getting their time in the sun. Inconsolable is also a great moment between myself and some incredible songwriters from around the world.” 

With the release of the album comes a separate Clean Version of it as well. “I didn’t want to exclude anyone from this experience. Although I feel very strong about expressing myself, I am aware that I have younger fans and I want them to share in the creative energy of the record,” explained Jimmy.
Cape Town fans can catch Jimmy Nevis live at the Baxter Theatre Sunset Concert on Sunday, January 29th at 5pm.
Tickets available from Webtickets.

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