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I M O gets Nostalgic with this Throwback to the late 90’s on their Heartbreak #001 EP

IMO, a diverse collective of London creatives have produced the first in a series of EPs; the all-encompassing Heartbreak EP 001, simply for the love of music. In their opinion, true expression comes through sonic, experiential and visual art.

Heartbreak 001 samples over 20 of Hip Hop’s greatest MCs as well as clips from seminal films to paint a picture of love lost. The Heartbreak EP is a nostalgic, emotionally layered project with each track having a corresponding video with a labyrinth of nested messages.

“We sampled some of our favourite r ‘n’ b joints as well as some of the greatest mc’s that ever spat on the mic …It all represents something for us & we love hip hop without question.”

The first mini-movie from Heartbreak 001 is the accompaniment to the lead single ‘Whatever’. It depicts the torment felt when wholly committing to the person you love, giving them whatever they need yet feeling like you’re receiving nothing in return.

Kiss 100 Duo Dixon Brothers also add that this EP is all about “Late night, laid back levels on the loose – laaaverly!”

Watch the exclusive  ‘Whatever’ video below:


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