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Hayze Engolah returns with “Ait, Bet” Freestyle

Celebrated Hip-Hop artist Hayze Engolah makes a return with the release of his new single “Ait, Bet” Freestyle.

Breaking his long hiatus from the music scene, the fairly acclaimed artist made the announcement of his new single while surprising fans on the night of his 31st birthday on Thursday 11th May.

Rolling stones and making recommendations, the rapper goes on with bars talking about how he’s been able to level in the game… From the point of being in a music group, staying relevant, and to now becoming a solo famed artist.

“While they posting all their memes I be posted on the block/ Forbes list Nigga still you be acting like you forgot/… I Got in the inner circle for thinking out of the box/… Talking bout real estate, money and trading stocks/…” – Hayze raps

Being as creative as he is with his titles, the “Ait, Bet” song cover uses a betPawa slip, hence initiating forth that the song is a reference to making money.

Over the years, Hayze has been able to post himself as a well-successful business-like-minded person, from being able to make small fortunes from nothing to something.

An entrepreneur, musician, creative, and founder of KNQR, the rapper has been able to use every move to his advantage. Sticking to betPawa’s motto (bet small, win big) he has seamlessly been able to take every power move and also strike a deal with the company.

The rapper had recently been seen rocking betPawa t-shirts, which he used as a marketing strategy for his portfolio while getting familiar with the wider audience.

Remaining real as real can be the t-shirt mafia is swimming through the grassroots, carrying forward with every notion and finding his way of uplifting the game.

Check out the official “Ait, Bet” Freestyle below!

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