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Hang out with some of SA’s biggest stars as they bring sizzling performances to TRACE Urban on THE HANGER

Music is the essence of our continent’s heartbeat. The Hanger is a show coming to TRACE Urban channel  325, that celebrates artistry and the work that goes on behind the scenes of some of Mzansi’s favourite  artists. The podcast style show is presented by award-winning hip-hop artist Kid X.  

The Hanger is packed with exclusive performances from Kwesta, Sam Deep, Paige and Citizen Deep to  name a few.  

Some of the highlights from the 13-part series  include a CashTime reunion with Skhanda god,  K.O, who goes down memory lane on his collaborations with Kid X, AKA and the hit song SETE. 

“Trace is excited for this one-of-a-kind music show that brings South African music to the continent in a  beautifully packaged content format, for our audiences to enjoy and appreciate the work that goes into  creating your favourite hit songs”, – Managing Director Trace Southern and  Lusophone Africa, Valentine Gaudin-Muteba,. 

Kid X sits down with Zotata hitmaker Mr Jazziq, Pcee, Justin99 and Jayden Lalli to understand the rise and  dancing force that is Amapiano. 

We take a journey to the North-West to meet House of Honey soul artist Hadassah and define how her  journey has kept her rooted in producing soul music. Sino Msolo performs hit latest offering and sits with  guest presenter award winning DJ Sir Mmino to speak on his experiences getting into the music industry. 

“Our vision is to make sure our artists are captured in their best element and bring crisp, lively  performances to the African continent and the world that audiences can enjoy from the comfort of their  homes and mobile devices”,  says Executive Producer at Amplified 85 Media, Mmathabo Tladi.  

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