Future and Young Thug send subliminal shots at each other on Twitter

Last night, Future announced the release date for his new album EVOL but Young Thug was not here for it.

Another day, another rap Twitter beef. Last week, Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa went at each other online and now it looks like it’s Young Thug and Future’s turn to get into a fight.
On February, 3, Future who released a mixtape only a few week ago, took to Twitter to announce he was dropping his new album EVOL on February 6. The news has certainly delighted Future fans but was not received well by Young Thug. The rapper has never hid his disdain for Future’s music and even previously likened himself to Michael Jackson and Future to Tito.

Young Thung’s new project IM UP (fka Slime Season 3) is set to be released this week too so this might be the reason why he was not too happy with Future releasing his album the same week as him.

Check out the subliminal tweets the two rappers sent out to each other. Without mentioning, of course.


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