Fetty Wap’s debut album is available in streaming

If Fetty Wap still isn’t part of your playlist , that means that over the last couple of months you ‘ve been living under a rock or that you chose to embrace an ascetic lifestyle far from any form of civilization in the middle of nowhere. If it’s the case then we forgive you! On a more serious note, Fetty Wap’s tremendous success is difficult to explain in a few words. However, his swift rise to popular success can be accounted for his unmistakable sense of gimmick and melody coupled with his amazingly humble persona. As a conspicuous proof , the New J native managed to rank 4 of his singles ( Trap Queen, My Way, 679, Again) among the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. Fetty wap’s irresistible rise to stardom has just started and the recent commercial and critical success of his outputs foreshadows nothing but greatness. Today Fetty Wap unveiled his self-titled debut album and it’s definitely worth listening! Among the numerous already hit records lies other great songs where Fetty opens up about love, relationship, betrayal and all the trials and tribulations of young black man in 2015 America. As regards the beats, most of them are infectious, heavily drum patterned, trap-induced, with deep sub bass, synth-pop melodies and 808 and perfectly match Fetty’s high pitched singing/rapping voice.

No matter where you are just bump it real loud!

Yeahhh baby

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