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This is how Drake spent the million-dollar budget for his “God’s Plan” video

In the video for “God’s Plan“, Drake is a reincarnation of the good Samaritan as he strolls around Miami handing out stacks of cash to families.

Some people already call it “video of the year” and it’s only February. Drake’s “God Plan” video was released last Friday and we didn’t expect to get that emotional while watching it. “The budget for this video was $996,631.90,” reads an opening message at the start of the video. “We gave it all away. Don’t tell the label.

Indeed, in the video directed by Karena Evans and produced by Director X, the 31-year-old rapper is seen donating stacks of cash, big checks and gifts to people in the Miami area. Drake called this video “the most important thing” he’s done in his career in an Instagram post earlier this week and now we understand why.

Try to hold back tears watching a mom and her teenage son crying as Drizzy hand them out money. Try not to smile at people’s reaction when they realize Drake is sitting just right next to them. The “God’s Plan” video documents recent acts of charity from the 6 God that we hope will inspire others.

Check the video above !

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