Did Future diss Meek Mill?!

Did future just throw shade at Meek Mill on”Big Rings” of his latest album with Drake?


Indeed, Future, who contributed to Meek Mill’s album “DWMTM”, just collaborated with Meek Mill’s nemesis right now – Drake. Not just on one track, but an entire album.  Meek Mill probably did not appreciate this collaboration!

Earlier this month,  Meek told a Dj to stop playing Future’s songs, which he clarified after that he just wanted the DJ to play music from different artists.

But later, Future (yes.. Future.. not Drake..) seems to of dissed Meek Mill in Big Rings by saying ” You just a battle rapper / I’m a real trapper” ” N*ggas droppin’ subliminals, they’re just some jibber jabber”. Who else could he of been referring to?

What do you think?

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