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Desiigner’s debut album is on its way!

Desiigner is the new rapper who managed to find his way in the world of Hip Hop thanks to his hit “Panda”. Now, he’s announcing the title of his debut album.

The 19-years-old rapper from Brooklyn has had great success thanks to his catchy tune, “Panda”, which was at the top of the Billboard Hot 100. He still has to make his name in the music industry but he has already blown everyone’s mind so he seems to be on the right track to have a huge career.

In an interview with The KISS Hip Hop Show, the rap genius announced that his debut album will be titled Life of Desiigner. We can’t wait to listen to his songs and see if they will help us get to know the life and background of the rapper even more.

The album will be produced by Mike Dean, a producer and musician who often collaborates with Kanye West’s label G.O.O.D. Music on which Desiigner is signed. In a recent interview with Billboard, Mike Dean had this to say about the young rapper: “He’s not just some Future knockoff. He talks like that — he sounds like he’s got Auto-Tune on his voice in real life. He talks like Future raps, which is weird.”

We’re glad to know that Desiigner isn’t content with the success of “Panda” and is already working on an album. You can watch the whole interview in which he kills his “Panda” verses… even without the instrumental:


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