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D.Y.K DID YOU KNOW? 15 March




  1. Costa Titch was a professional dancer and choreographer before becoming a rapper (New age steel dance crew) Phantom Steeze

  2. Costa Titch’s real name was Constantinos Tsobanoglou

  3. Costa Titch taught himself how to rap by watching YouTube videos and listening to his favorite artists

  4. Costa Titch’s  single ‘Nkalakatha’ was inspired by late SA music legend Mandoza

  5. Costa Titch  won the Red Bull Music Culture Clash with his crew in 2018



  1. Latto’s real name is Alyssa Michelle Stephens

  2. Latto featured in a reality series The Rap Game and won their first season in 2016

  3. Latto was previously known as Miss Mulatto, inspired from a racial classification

  4. Latto first started rapping at the age of 10

  5. Latto used to participate in drag racing



  1. Rema’s real name is Divine Ikburor

  2. One of Rema’s songs were placed on former president Barack Obama’s summer playlist

  3. Rema was nominated Best New International Act at the BET awards

  4. Rema started gaining recognition when he posted a viral freestyle to D’Princess single ‘Gucci Gang’

  5. Rema was on an episode of the popular Youtube show Chicken Shop Date



  1. Khalid is the son of a military mom (what they call ‘an army brat’)

  2. Khalid is a part of a musical family but can’t play any instruments (his mom was part of the US army band and chorus)

  3. Khalid’s songs are mostly inspired from alternative music

  4. Khalid’s name is actually pronounced Kuh-leed not Kah-leed

  5. Khalid’s song ‘location’ was written to try and impress a girl but it didn’t work and they don’t talk anymore



  1. Lizzo plays the flute and it has its own name and instagram account (Sasha Flute)

  2. Lizzo was the stage name she chose when she was in her first high school band

  3. Lizzo calls her backup singers ‘Big Grrrls’ inspired from her passion to promote plus sized people

  4. Lizzo’s a vegan and loves to share her recipes on TikTok

  5. Prince protege is a huge fan of Lizzo and offered to produce an album for her



  1. Chloe is one half of the musical duo Chloe x Halle with her sister Halle Bailey

  2. Chloe launched a YouTube channel at only the age of 13

  3. Chloe made her talk show debut with her sister on the Ellen Show

  4. Chloe performed the song ‘Unstoppable’ on Disney series ‘Austin and Ally’

  5. Chloe’s biggest musical influence is Beyoncé



  1. Costa Titch was signed by Akon’s Konvict Kulture label

  2. Costa Titch had over 30 million views on YouTube

  3. Costa Titch was half greek

  4. Most of Costa Titch’s songs are in Zulu despite being white and having a father from Europe

  5. Costa Titch’s hair color was originally black



  1. Bleu has 10 siblings

  2. Bleu claims that when he moved out of his family home it broadened his horizons and thoughts thus helping him with his lyrics

  3. Bleu was introduced to the world of hip hop by one of his brothers

  4. Bleu started creating music from the age of 11 using tape recorders and his phone

  5. Although Bleu is categorized as a rapper and singer he does not think of himself as a singer just a rapper that can hold a long note



  1. Alicia Keys has been friends with Usher and Beyoncé since she was 13

  2. Alicia Keys studied piano at the age of 7 and composed her first song ‘Butterfly’ at 14 later on included in her first album

  3. One of Alicia Keys’ nicknames is Lellow

  4. Alicia Keys wanted her stage name to originally be Wilde but changed it to Keys since it resonated more with her background

  5. Alicia Keys has a habit of cracking her neck



  1. Tobe Nwigwe could’ve been an NFL player but chose music instead

  2. Tobe is short for ‘Tobechukwu’ which is an Igbo word for praise god

  3. Tobe Nwigwe always loves to perform onstage with his wife

  4. All Tobe Nwigwe’s songs have components of soul, spirit, African roots

  5. Tobe Nwigwe actually never planned to go viral



  1. Glorilla graduated from Martin Luther King College Prep

  2. Glorilla started rapping when she was 16

  3. Growing up Glorilla was part of a church choir

  4. Glorilla originally wanted to be a singer but when she lost her voice she switched to rap

  5. Glorilla’s cousin helped her come up with her stage name



  1. Some of Taylor Swift’s songs are texts she wanted to send to people in real life

  2. Taylor Swift grew up in a Christmas farm

  3. Taylor Swift has written songs for other major artists

  4. Taylor Swift wrote a book as a teenager

  5. Taylor appeared on television series ‘CSI’ in 2009



  1. Blxckie decided to devote himself to his music only after 11 months

  2. Blxckie treats his fans like his equals because he says he knows what it’s like to be them

  3. Blxckie is not as confident and cocky as he presents himself in his music, in person he is portrayed as a very down to earth person

  4. During COVID 19 lockdown Blxckie used his time to maximize his proximity to other breakout artists

  5. Blxckie decided to stay in Joburg after only 3 weeks to make it big



  1. Black Coffee produced Drake’s song ‘Get it together’ from his album ‘More Life’ with other albums as well

  2. Black Coffee was in a taxi accident which resulted to him losing the ability to use his left arm

  3. Black Coffee majored in Jazz studies at the Durban university

  4. Black Coffee set a work record for the longest DJ set using just one upper limb (he played a 60 hour session)

  5. Black Coffee has only ever in the club for work related events



  1. Anderson Paak was originally called Breezy Lovejoy

  2. Anderson Paak used to work at a Marijuana farm

  3. Anderson Paak performed on 6 songs on dr. Dre’s first album

  4. Knxwledge has over 100 releases

  5. Knxwledge has worked with big artists like Kendrick Lamar

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