D.Y. K – Did You Know? 12 April


  • Dolly Parton is Miley Cyrus’ Godmother 
  • Miley Cyrus rose to prominence through her role as Hannah Montana 
  • The name Miley is a shortened form of Miley Cyrus’ nickname ‘Smiley’ because she smiled so much as a child
  • Miley Cyrus’s favorite colors are purple and lime green 
  •  Miley Cyrus has 74 tattoos 



  • Pink’s real name is Alecia Beth Moore
  • Before breaking into the music industry, Pink used to work at McDonald’s 
  • In her downtime, Pink enjoys working in her garden 
  • Pink is a UNICEF ambassador
  • After dating for four years, Pink took matters into her own hands and promised to her now husband 



  • Kendrick Lamar was named after The Temptations’ Eddie Kendricks
  • Kendrick Lamar rapped in a cypher with Charles Hamilton
  • Kendrick Lamar lists Jay-Z, Nas, 2Pac, Snoop, and Big as his favourite rappers 
  • Kendrick Lamar was a straight A student in high school 
  • The track “Duckworth,” a reference to Kendrick Lamar’s real last name



  • Victoria Monet is a singer, songwriter, and dancer
  • Victoria Monet is a Taurus 
  • Victoria Monet is known as one of the most successful songwriters of her time 
  • Victoria Monet and Ariana Grande call themselves ‘BFFs’ 
  • Victoria Monet has released 5 EPs 



  • Taylor Swift wrote a book as a teenager 
  • Taylor Swift writes songs for other artists 
  • Taylor Swifts’ fans are called Swifties 
  • Taylor Swift has broken 58 Guinness World Records!
  • The very first song Taylor Swift ever wrote was called “Lucky You.”



  • In 2019, Libianca took part in The Voice music show
  • Her name Libianca is a melange of Liane and Bianca
  • Libianca’s full name is Libianca Kenzonkinboum Fonji
  • Libianca is Billboard’s April 2023 Chartbreaker
  • Libianca is of Cameroonian descent 



  • Chloe starred in the hit show ‘Grownish’ 
  • Chloe made her talk show debut with her sister on the Ellen Show 
  • Chloe performed the song ‘Unstoppable’ on Disney series ‘Austin and Ally’
  • Chloe’s biggest musical influence is Beyoncé 
  • Chloe launched a YouTube channel at only the age of 13 



  • Meghan Trainor began singing at age six
  • Meghan Trainor’s dad was a music teacher and organist 
  • Meghan Trainor is pregnant with her second child 
  • Meghan Trainor wrote her first original song when she was 13 
  • Meghan Trainor says she is a big fan of Bruno Mars 



  • Although she is professionally known as Ayra Starr, the Nigerian singer’s real name is Oyinkansola Sarah Aderibigbe
  • Ayra Starr began a fashion career at the age of 16 with Quove Model Management before deciding to pursue music
  • Ayra Starr chose the stage name Starr because she knew what she could be
  • Ayra Starr grew up between Lagos and Cotonou 
  • Ayra Starr sings a blend of Afropop, Afrobeats and RnB 



  • Metro Boomin’s real name is Leland Tyler Wayne
  • Metro Boomin was part of a middle school band where he played the bass guitar 
  • Metro Boomin has four siblings 
  • Metro Boomin started making beats when he was 13 
  • Metro Boomin started making beats when his mother bought him a laptop with a copy of the music production software ‘FruityLoops’ 



  • Chris Brown owns 14 Burger King restaurants
  • Michael Jackson is Chris Brown’s inspiration 
  • Chris Brown has over 50 tattoos 
  • Chris Brown’s full name is Christopher Maurice Brown
  • Chris Brown is a frequent collaborator with Nicki Minaj 



  • SZA was born Solána Rowe in St. Louis
  • SZA grew up listening to classic and avant-garde jazz, alternative rock, and rap
  • SZA helped write Nicki Minaj’ and Beyonce’s ‘Feeling Myself’ 
  • SZA attended the same high school as Lauryn Hill 
  • SZA was ranked as the fifth best gymnast in the US when she was a sophomore in high school 



  • Post Malone’s real name is actually Austin Richard Post
  • Post Malone was born in New York but moved to Texas when he was 9 years old 
  • Post Malone’s dad was the manager of concessions for the Dallas Cowboys 
  • Post Malone chose his stage name in his early teen years 
  • Post Malone says that Guitar Hero changed his life 



  • Will Linley is a Cape Town based artist 
  • Will Linley is a TikTok breakout sensation 
  • Wil Linley is only 21 years old 
  • Will Linley grew up singing with his three brothers 
  • Will Linley’s debut single “miss me (when you’re gone)” took Cape Town by storm in 2021 



  • Giveon is inspired by jazz music from the 1960s and 1970s 
  • Giveon enjoys interior design 
  • Giveon cites Frank Sinatra, Frank Ocean and Drake as some of his musical influences 
  • Giveon’s zodiac sign is Pisces 
  • At 18 years old, Giveon took a music program at the Grammy Museum



  • Latto’s real name is Alyssa Michelle Stephens
  • Latto first appeared on the reality television series, The Rap Game in 2016
  • Latto started rapping at the age of 10 
  • Latto was a part of the XXL Freshman Class in 2020
  • Latto was formerly known as ‘Mulatto’

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