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Congolese star Fally Ipupa and R.Kelly go on a double date in “Nidja” video

Fally Ipupa released his much-talked about collaboration with sulphurous R&B singer R.Kelly as a a new single off his Tokooos album.

It looks like R.Kelly’s controversial reputation hasn’t tarnished his business and friendly relationship with most of his peers including Congolese artist Fally Ipupa. The two artists who previously worked together on the panafrican single “Hands Across The World” back in early 2010’s have been friends ever since. And yes, despite multiple and recent reports and accusations of abusive behavior and sexual misconduct against the R&B singer, at a time where women all over the world are starting to speak up, Fally and his team chose to release “Nidja“.

Fally Ipupa x R Kelly

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We can’t help but wonder what was the idea behind this. Help Fally break into the US market ? Hmmmm…. Not a good move.


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