Big Pimpin’ : Jay Z plays hide and seek with the jury


In 2007, Oussama Ahmed Fahmy claimed that Jay Z and Timbaland stole samples from his uncle’s song “Khosara Khosara” in hit single “Big Pimpin’” in 1999. The case is set to go to court on October 13th.

Jay Z, who has an estimated worth of $550 million, according to Forbes, wants to hide his overrall wealth from the the lawsuit. For Jay Z’s lawyer, wealth has nothing to do with the case. He explains “There is no conceivable reason that Defendants’ wealth or financial resources would make it more or less likely that they infringed Plaintiff’s supposed copyright in Khosara,” the court documents say. “Nor is it relevant to Plaintiff’s claim for lost profits; indeed, the Ninth Circuit has squarely held that courts may not determine the amount of lost profits by looking to a defendant’s ‘overall gross revenue, without regard to the infringement.”

In English ==> Jay Z doesn’t have to show the courts anything!

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