Beyoncé made a surprise appearance on Lip Sync Battle

On Jan. 7th, Beyoncé surprised fans and viewers as she made a special appearance during an episode of American TV show Lip Sync Battle.

This was unexpected. Beyoncé showed up unannounced during on the set of an American TV show and she caused quite a stir. Lip Sync Battle is a TV show broadcast on Spike TV in which celebrities battle each other with lip sync performances. The public then have to chose who was the most convincing.

In the latest episode, Magic Mike’s actor Channing Tatum had to battle his wife Jenna Dewan and he chose Beyoncé’s 2011-hit “Run The World Girls)”. Dressed up just like Beyoncé with a body, a wig and make-up on his face, Channing surely wasn’t expecting Queen Bee to show up to help him seal his win. But she did.

Beyoncé and Channing thrilled the audience as they danced next to each other in synch before she headed backstage. The audience is not close to forget this performance !


Check the video below :

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