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Base Cube reunites with the release of his new project “Picnic Sessions”

Breaking through into the new year, Malawian rapper Base Cube has announced the release of his new project titled “Picnic Sessions”.

“Picnic Sessions” includes a long line of songs that features the Blantyre-bred rapper doing a round of performances for his tracks.

Episode 1, “SNA Picnic Sessions” was first released on 15th April and is the first of its kind included in the long line of follow-up episodes that are yet to come out while under Straydawgs Music.

Talking to Mdub2six5 in an interview Base Cube shared a brief insight into what his new project is about, as well as his growth as an artist and upcoming releases.

“The song touches on the relationship between a guy (side nigga) and a girl… Basically trying to win the girl’s heart by offering her more and showing how much she deserves to be treated better than how she normally is…” Base Cube explained.

He added: “This song is more different than the previous songs because I diverted it… You know how usually in my songs I talk much about Yeah, yeah… I’m the one, I’m the best rapper, yeah, yeah I’m the one… But with this one, I just wanted to take another direction… It’s not usually my type of concepts… It’s a rare concept!”

“Growth has been there, the outreach has grown. More people are engaging with my tracks now compared to my previous years. I haven’t released much tracks as I was supposed to, but now I’m about to start dropping frequently.”

The video has been shot and directed by Tariq Thakwalakwa and was edited by Alfred Machado. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Straydawgs Music.

Check out “SNA Picnic Sessions” Ep01 below!

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