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Baloji’s takes us on a trip to Kinshasa’s night clubs in creative short film “Zombies”

Mind-blowing fashion, amazing dances and social commentary are perfectly mixed in Zombies, Baloji’s latest self-directed video.

We got obsessed with his art when he released his Bleu de Nuit/Peau de Chagrin short film last year and now Baloji is back at it with a new video.

After exploring eroticism and romance, this time the Congolese-Belgian artist tackles what he calls “the self-imposed isolation” encouraged by mobile technology. Indeed, in some of the film’s most striking scenes, people are seen gazing romantically into their phones.

The film’s soundtrack is taken from Baloji’s 2018 album 137 Avenue Kaniama, which will be re-released by Bella Union as a one-track mixtape, called Kaniama: The Yellow Version, on May 3.

Check out the video above.

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