Adele accused of plagiarism over track featured on ’25’

Some internet users think Adele’s song “Million Years Ago” is way too similar to a Kurdish artist’s old track.

British singer Adele made a successful come-back this year with her critically acclaimed single “Hello” and her third studio album 25. The young woman’s new music has been welcomed by nothing but great reviews so far and she has already broken many records including Best selling album of 2015.

But now there’s a fly in the ointment. On social media, fans of deceased Kurdish singer Ahmet Kaya have accused the singer of plagiarism, hearing similarities between Adele’s latest single and “Acilara Tutunmak”, a track record by Kaya and released in 1985.

If Adele hasn’t made any comment about it yet, Ahmet Kaya’s widow Gulten Kaya doesn’t think the “Hello” singer plagiarized anything. She told the Turkish national newspaper she did not believe the similarities were intentional and added “however, if she consciously did it, then it would be theft”.

You can hear the two songs below and make your decision on the matter :

Adele – Million Years Ago

Ahmet Kaya – Acilara Tutunmak

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