[WEDNESPLAY]: Sony Vs Microsoft

Social networks are often used as battlefield. Sony and Microsoft like to use Twitter to mock each other, and yesterday, the American giant did it again.

June 2 was a sad day for lovers in Paris because the love padlocks of the Pont des Arts have been removed, due to security reasons. Thus, Sony decided to pay its tribute to the famous love padlocks on Twitter.

Here is Sony’s tweet:

Then, Microsoft took the opportunity to make fun of the Japanese brand by posting this:

A funny answer, which is a good reminder before the “real” war takes place on June 16 for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly called the E3, a major video game conference, which should be the opportunity for the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One to show their real power.

Please note that yesterday, no padlocks have been mistreated and they will all be recycled.

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