[WEDNESPLAY]: Here are Nintendo surprises for Mario’s 30th anniversary!

On September 13, 2015, the world famous plumber will celebrate his 30th anniversary! Created on September 13, 1985, Super Mario Bros is a mythical Nintendo licence. Mario was a worldwide success, and is a key platform video game which has passed the test of time. Thus, to celebrate Mario’s 30th anniversary, Nintendo has prepared various surprises.

First of all, the Japanese company has established a partnership with PDP to create a special gamepad compatible with the Wii and the Wii U. Called “Metal Mario 30th Anniversary Controller“, this joystick is designed like a GameCube gamepad and is covered by a chrome color. A nice tribute to the Metal Mario character.

Here is the Metal Mario controller:



Then, Nintendo has turned three Tokyo stores into Super Mario Cafés with Tower Record Café (a Japanese chain). A very cool idea.

Here are the Super Mario Cafés pictures:








Nintendo also created a special portal on its website dedicated to his famous plumber. On this portal you will find a video which recount Mario’s history.

Finally, the Japanese company is working on a new game called “Super Mario Maker“. Scheduled to be released on September 11, this game deals with level design. A very interesting game which we look forward in playing.

Here is the Super Mario Maker trailer:

With these great surprises from Nintendo, we are ready to celebrate Mario’s 30th anniversary. Wah-ouh!

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