[WEDNESPLAY]: 2K Games and Take-Two reveal a strange website.

In order to stimulate the players’ curiosity, video games editors like to use a marketing strategy which consists of the creation of a strange website. It is what 2K Games and Take-Two did, and they have just revealed their new website on Twitter.

Here are 2K Games tweets:

Named Adventfuture.org, this curious website introduce the player to the Advent company, which project is to create an idyllic world free from hunger, pain, sickness, and war. A world in which the inhabitants have access to high-quality medical care, comfortable and safe housing etc. To sum it up: a perfect world. To join this world you just have to sign up on the waiting list.

Nevertheless, while navigating on the website you may notice that it has been hacked. Thus, a few sentences change, and some messages appear such as “The ADVENT is lying to you. They want to subdue” or “Millions have gone missing the ADVENT way.”

All of this suggests that 2K is teasing a new video game which deals with a society annihilating its inhabitants, but resistant fighters are already facing it. It seems that it will be a action-adventure game, like Assassin’s Creed or Watch Dogs, even though the first images evoke a city-building game à la SimCity.

Finally, when you go to the “private policy” section, you can find several mentions including Rockstar, with the Rockstar Games Social Club. Are GTA editors working on this new game?

We don’t know, but the website has already reached its goal: we want to know more about this new “game”.

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