Total brings an innovative experience to its African consumers!

Haven’t you ever dreamt of being able to have more than just a little snack at your regular gas station? Or even to simplify the payment of your daily run for errands via your mobile phone? You thought that all of this was impossible in the same place? Well, Total just made it possible! The oil group, in its relentless will to help the African countries in their dynamism provides the African with a solution to their needs.

It’s in the framework of the support to the continent development and its creative effervescence as well as its culture of innovation that Total launched in January 2015 a new ad campaign called ” Road Movie” broadcasted in 28 African countries. The Campaign infused with a tongue-in-cheek and funny tone epitomizes what makes the advertising DNA of the brand: complicity and humor!

The oil group which has been present on the continent for more than 80 years once again showcases and puts forward its field expertise as well as its desire to shed lights on the whole continent dynamism Through that global communication campaign and the different services included.

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