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SPOTTED | Adwoa Aboah, the new wave of Feminism

Adwoa at the Versus Versace runway show Spring/Summer 2017

Adwoa Aboah at the Glastonbury Festival ©adwoaaboah

Adwoa walking topless in Los Angeles for the association Free the Nipple. ©gurlstalk

Adwoa Aboah in Angleterre ©adwoaaboah

Adwoa at the Versus Versace runway show S/S 2017

Who exactly is Adwoa Aboah ?

Actress, model, activist – Adwoa Aboah is known for many things, but especially for opening up about her past with depression and abuse to fuel her mission of getting girls to open up about mental health and body image. She’s doing this through a series of videos on I-D Magazine’s Youtube channel !

Where is she from?

Originally from London, Adwoa Aboah grew up alongside models Cara Delevingne, Lily Donaldson and even Suki Waterhouse. She attended the best private english schools growing up and was quickly spotted to become a model and was asked to pose for a multitude of independent magazines and runway shows for brands like Topshop and H&M.

Her look:

She’s created her own look, 90’s style, short hair and her iconic freckles are what can be seen on the runways of the biggest fashion houses. She truly embraces her natural beauty and is becoming without a doubt, an inspiration for young women.

Her accomplishments :

She was casted to walk for Fendi, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang and even Fenty for Fashion Week’s S/S 2017 shows. She even graced Vogue’s cover.

Her hobbies:

Aside from her modeling career, she knows a couple rehab centers in Arizona that treat depression, drug addiction and suicidal people, because a long time ago, she used to be one of them. Today, Adwoa Aboah is sober, and it’s because she decided to get help and got treated properly by the right people that she took on the initiative to to help treat teens through an educative program called : Gurls Talks. Via discussion groups, inspiring videos, interviews, she imagined a safe space that will put to light delicate topics : mental health, addictions, health disorders, and even talk about feminism in today’s society (with the help of the association Free the nipple).

Her motto:

“Who runs the world ? Girls !”

Her work in progress :

Continuing to work for Gurl Talks and keep educating young women and teens in general about drug addiction and depression. She even said the following in a recent interview ; “I think what inspired me was the women who came into my life when I needed them the most — the women who actually saved my life. With Gurls Talk I want to create a space wherein girls can have honest conversations about everything. It will be a weekly program to educate girls on mental health and addiction and eating disorders, but instead of it being a lecture coming from a teacher or a woman twice their age, I want it to be from women these girls can relate to, women who are speaking from experience.”


Check her out by clicking here !

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